Saturday, January 7, 2012

Do it Yourself Tenkara Line and Case: Go Furl Yourself

For Christmas, I got a tenkara rod. I'm pretty excited to try it out in the Virginia trout streams, but until then, I'll probably try to find some sunfish and maybe bass.  It is fun to learn different ways to fly fish, whether it be spey casting, double hauling, fiberglass, bamboo, carp, tarpon or tenkara.

I flippantly forgot that the line is an additional thing to buy. Ironic that something so simple (tenkara fly fishing) would require something so specific that I, a fly fisherman, didn't already have. But my grumbling was immediately stifled when I came across this awesome post from Tenkara on the Fly. It is an awesome step by step process showing how to furl your own tenkara line. 

Not only did I make the line, I fixed my own nifty, durable, lightweight case for the line. 

I'm excited to take the line out on a test run. Happy weekend everybody!


  1. Awesome! Have fun on the test run...cheers!

  2. Have fun, pls post your experience. And thanks for the mention! (karel @ tenkaraonthefly)

  3. David, The case idea is brilliant. Look for a post about your creativity on in the tenkara section. Nicely done!

  4. Nice furling, and great thinking on that case.

  5. Good on you! Can't wait for the first post about fishing with it!

  6. Sanders - Thanks, it will be fun to try this out. It will likely be on sunfish or bass unless I get a surprise day off to head to the mountains for brookies.

    Karel - I will be sure to post the experience. And thank you for providing such an awesome tutorial

    Tom - Thanks for the repost. In this case, being cheap forced the creativity and resourcefulness. I'll be following your site. It looks great and I appreciate the work you do to propel conservation.

    Johnny - Thank you!

    Jason - It is a CD case. Sorry I didn't come out and say that. It is pretty durable and opens easily like a clam shell. It definitely does the job.

    E - Thank you :) I'll hopefully have some time to try it out soon. I'll be sure to share the experience.

  7. D Nash
    I have been researching this rod and thinking about purchasing one for the high sticking I am going to do on our near by tailrace. I will keep an eye on your posts for some of your results with the Tenkara. Thanks for sharing