Painting Through Prosek

In December 2012, I bought the book "Trout: An Illustrated History" by James Prosek.  I am in love with the diversity of the trout, and Prosek's book inspired me to begin painting. I decided I wanted to try and paint my way through his book focussing on the patterns and colors of different trout. Using his images as guides, I'm slowly paint my way through Prosek's book. Painting Through Prosek is my journey; come along and discover the diversity of North American Trout.

1. Arctic Char 

2. Greenland Char, Brown Trout and Blueback Trout

3. Quebec Red Trout .. Scroll to the bottom for this one.

4. Lake Hazen Char

5. Brook Trout

6. Long Finned Char

7. Silver Trout

8. Lake Trout 

9. Humper Lake Trout

10. Bull Trout

11. Dolly Varden

12. Apache Trout

13. Gila Trout

14. Rio Yaqui Trout

15. Mexican Golden Trout

16. Alaskan Rainbow Trout

17. Steelhead

18. McCloud River Rainbow Trout

19. Sheepheaven Redband Trout

20. Nelson Trout

21. Volcano Creek Golden Trout

22. Spawning Colorado Cutthroat Trout

23. Taking PTP a little further for a friend

24. Greenback Cutthroat Trout