Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bound for Fernie

Today I'm heading to British Columbia for a week of fishing! This is sure to be amazing. My Virginia buddy Kevin and I are flying in to Spokane and then driving north. Cutties, Bulls, and Bows await. I've scrambled to tie some stones, caddis and beetles. I'll buy the PMDs and anything else specific that seems to be biting. If I can, I'll share photos along the way. 

After a week at the cabin with my son, I'll be missing him but technology is on our side with plenty of opportunity to FaceTime or call. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day Weekend at the Cabin

Family. Food. Fishing. Great weather. Great weekend. It is awesome to be a dad to such an amazing kiddo. It is awesome to be a son to such an amazing dad. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Morning on the Middle Branch

Sunday morning came sooner than expected. I was woken up by a 2-year-old boy with enough energy and joy to change the world for the better. Since, mom is into the second trimester and needs a little extra rest these days, we needed a plan.

What to do?

Pack some snacks.

Grab the fly box (the tenkara gear was already in the car).

Put on a Mickey hat, "puddle boots" and a "buggy"-catching sweatshirt. 

I look down at the passenger seat. The tenkara emblem shines back at me through the dark rod tube.

This rod has been a phenomenal tool when fishing with David. With him on the backpack carrier, it allows for quick shots at fish while on our hikes.

Not even 8am and the sun was in full force. At our backs the entire trip, casting shadows across the pools, scattering fish this way and that. Even that was more fun for David. He could see brown trout darting this way and that searching for cover.

My bare forearms made for great horsefly bait. David collected the carcasses. These flies are like gold to him. 

The stream has lots of structure thanks to the rehabilitation from TU and the help of the local landowners. I'm nothing but grateful for their permission to fish this stream.

We had a few fish on, but none to hand.

No matter.

Mom got to sleep.

The air was warm and fresh.

Daddy and David got to have a picnic on the tailgate.

You know the feeling when you get to hang out with someone much cooler than you? Like an athlete you emulate, or meet a famous musician, etc? That's what spending time with David is like. He is so much cooler than me. He just doesn't know it yet. One day he will, and that might be tough, but until then, we will soak up these mornings without reservation.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Journey to West Texas

David loves his Grandparents. All of them. But he was particularly excited to visit his Papa in Texas who is a cow doctor and works at the cow hospital (kind of). 

We hopped a couple flights and spent a long Memorial Day weekend in Farwell, Tx. It is a small town on the border of New Mexico. It is dairy country. It is farm fields. There are trains. David's dream come true!

Bear shared his window seat with David.

Cracking pecans with Papa/

David likes pecans :)

The local donut shop had sausage and egg biscuits that could keep you full for a week.

We saw LOTS of trains

The storms rolled through Farwell and hit Lubbock and Dallas instead.

"Cows eat GRASS!" - David

Lots of cows at Papa's work. 

No, David, you can't bring one home.

We got to see a horny toad too!
We are so lucky to have David. And David is so luck to have such awesome grandparents! 

Not pictured is the Lubbock Zoo. The Cannon Airforce base air show, and fresh pecan pie.

Until next time!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What a Saturday!

I walked into last weekend thinking it would be pretty routine. I walked out of it astounded. We packed in the good times. 

Saturday morning, I met a new friend to explore our local "urban" carp waters. I walked an old family fiberglass rod down to the Zumbro, and we spent a few hours casting at carp. I grew up in Rochester, Mn, and we always referred to this river as the "Scum-bro." I still wouldn't drink the water, but, man, it was a gorgeous morning and we saw some BIG carp. No takes, but I did manage a nice smallmouth. There are, reportedly, some great stretches of the Zumbro where you can land anything from walley, northern, smallmouth and panfish.  

After a few hours fishing, I walked home and met Sara and David for a trip to our local Transportation Fair. It was basically every type of utility and municipality vehicle you can think of, a 2-year old's dream come true. 

David was so excited that nap time went out the window. I thought I could get him to nap in the car, so I packed a bag (Thirty-one - Thanks Sara) full of diapers, clementines, peanut butter crackers and other snacks, a tenkara rod, some water and flies, and we headed down to Preston, Mn to visit the National Trout Center. 

Turns out it was "Trout Days" in Preston, their annual town festival. This meant antique cars, pigs and ponys to pet, tours at the historical society, and some yummy food. I had David in the back carrier most of the time until we walked down to a park to fish a little on the Root River and play at the park. No fish, lots of fun at the park. 

When we finally got home around 5pm, I had a phone call from my brother. He was taking his 4-year old camping for the first time at Whitewater State Park. David had a long day in the sun, so he stayed home with mommy, but I drove over to the park for burgers, evening fishing and roasted marshmallows. My nephew has a blast. We found teh perfect spot to let him practice fly fishing for the first time. 

The tenkara rod was a nice set up for him, and as the sun went down, the fish were getting bold, taking flies off the surface readily. 

Whitewater is about 30 minutes from Rochester down County 9.

Collin wet-wading to rising fish. They were taking size 20 beatis. 

Collin and Colton at the training hole.
We got Colton to fight in a couple nice fish are this hole. The swallows were abundant above our heads. You can see their holes in the sandstone along the river. 

Tenkara cast

I got home at about 1030pm and realized how big a day we all had. I had fished three rivers (Zumbro, Root and the Whitewater), spent time with my family exploring a new town (Preston) and the transportation fair.  And enjoyed time with my brother and nephew.  The joys of being back at home in the Driftless Area :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Instagram Killed My Blog

I finally figured out one of the big reasons I blog less. Instagram. I really enjoy sharing the photos from different blog-worthy events, and the convenience and instant gratification of Instagram has wedged itself between me and this blog. Just like the remote control killed the TV dial, Instagram has taken a big bite out of my blog. That being said, minidiscs destroyed my CD collection for a mere winter and spring before I saw the light. (That is until Apple came along. But hey, I still buy CDs from time to time).
No skipping unlike your pesky, portable CD player with the 10-sec anti-sock.

They both have their rolls (blogging and Instagram). Now that I've identified the competition between the two I think I can make sure they are both getting the attention they deserve. 

To that end, here are some (blog exclusive) photos from a short trip to the cabin this weekend. 

Highlights include a hefty bass hitch David described as "very smooth." David's first Kayak ride (he liked it a lot, no tears despite the uneasy look on his face in the photo). More fishing shots with the three David's (grandpa, daddy, and little David. 

Caught off the dock, and not in season. So we threw it back. 

Three Davids

Like a Boss. 

He had fun, trust me. 

My son is the coolest.