Thursday, March 26, 2015

Video from our last TU Meeting: Fly Tying "The Usual"

The fly pattern called "The Usual" is a versatile fly that definitely falls under the minimalist category in terms of number of materials and simplicity. In this video, John Kelly of the Bill Wills Southeast Virginia Trout Unlimited Chapter shows how to tie his version. 

Pattern developed by Fran Betters
Tied by John Kelly
Narrated by David Nash

Any wide gap hook, size 12-18
Rabbit foot fur, CDC, or deer hair
0/6 thread, orange is used here
dubbing wax is optional
Email us at

Friday, February 27, 2015

Driftless exploration continued….. Heart of the Driftless

Unfortunately, I lost my copy of this film. Heart of the Driftless is a great flick from Third Year Fly Fisher. He has made his rounds at the Fly Fishing Film Tours. This is a great film dn now available for download digitally.

Oh man. Look at that tall grass along those tiny streams. It's a jungle out there.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Unique Driftless

I'm going to continue posting Driftless Area related material as we get ready for the move. Next up is a short documentary exploring the many different unique attributes of the Driftless Area by exploring how it was made. This is less than 30 minutes and pretty darn awesome (effigy mounds, rattle snakes, caves, arctic aged plants and more).

One point the video makes that I think can be extrapolated to many unique resources is that, lots of times, local residents aren't aware of how special or unique their own back yards really are. As such, it doesn't occur to them to protect or preserve it.

One gentleman perfectly shows this when asked what the Driftless Area is he he responds,
"Is it a desert?"

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Driftless Love by Winona Fly Factory

Man. I've been away too long. With my head down I seemed to have missed Justing over at WFF has been back at it. I've always enjoyed following his blog as he fishes my home waters. Now, with renewed interest I can read again as I will be heading back that way for at least a year come July. 

He is a strong advocate for the treasure that is the Driftless Area. Last fall he presented this video compilation for the Citizens Watershed Summit. 

Great work, Justin.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Painting Through Prosek: Arctic Grayling

The arctic grayling is an awesome fish. It used to be much more prevalent in the lower 48. Maybe someday it will make a comeback. 

Prosek doesn't have this in his trout books, but I still feel it falls in line with this series. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rest Easy, Friday (Saturday) Night: The NPR Tiny Desk Contest Edition

If you listen to NPR, you may have heard of the contest going on. NPR is looking for the unsigned, the unknown, the unidentified musician. It is a fun concept. They have a regular program called Tiny Desk Concerts where well known musician stop by and play stripped down sets in an office.

What is neat is that local NPR stations are joining in and holding smaller contests. This is highlighting some pretty great music. Just go to youtube and search "Tiny Desk Contest" and pull thread after thread of unique musicians. I'm just going to post a few random ones that I think are fun. I'll also share my entry for the local station. Since there have been only like 4 entries, I figured my odds were better than any other contest I've ever entered.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Video: Giving it our Best: A day trip to Harkers Island

I don't get out fishing much these days, but when the opportunity arises, it is go big or nothing. As such, a when a free day came along this fall, and Sara agreed to watch the baby, I woke at 3am to go find the false albacore of Harkers Island. Unfortunately the water was too warm, and albert was out at sea. The day was still success by many standards and over too quickly. Just like this video.

If you have time, check out some of the sweet items we've got for out TU holiday party auction this year. Patagonia donated some pretty sweet stuff!