Friday, October 15, 2010

one more time with feeling...

So another shot at Standing Bear. Last Sunday morning I went out and it was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect day. Not perfect fishing. No strikes. No rises. Nothing.

I walked east along the north shore of the reservoir. It got really muddy. No wind or current so wasn't sending clouds of silt all over the place.

On my way out there last time, I noticed a creek (that I have since learned is Papillion Creek) a mile away that looked big enough to fish. My hunch is there isn't much in there, but who knows? I figure, either tomorrow or Sunday I will go walk it north of the city to see if I can spot some fish and throw them something they like. Worth a shot, right?

This is the worst fly fishing blog out there. Ha. My waders leak and I can't catch anything.

At least it is supposed to be another beautiful day out there.

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