Friday, October 21, 2011

Specks in Hand

A day off spent on the water. 

The speckled trout will be leaving us soon making way for the striped bass. 

One thing that made yesterday unique was the company. I fished with a buddy from the local fly fishers club. He works in conservation and participates in the Virginia's fish tagging program. We made sure to measure, record, and tag several specks including one nice 16.5" fish at the end. 

I practiced a bit more with the camera experimenting with release shots. Fortunately, the fish cooperated as there were plenty of specks in hand. 

Music is by The Flaming Lips, "Fight Test."

Enjoy the music. Enjoy the fish. Happy Friday. 


  1. remember that one video where you traveled long and far to catch your first speck. looks like you got the speckled trout touch now.

  2. Nice! Great vid...and good to see some specks in hand. Cheers!

  3. also, are specks in hand worth two in the bush?

  4. ivan - that is pretty funny. I've already forgotten about that "journey" video, but you are right. "a speck in hand worth two in the bush" definitely crossed my mind as I was thinking about a title. I think you are right, a speck in hand really is worth two in the bush.

    sanders - thanks!

  5. thanks to these guys for posting the vid:

    and these guys:

    Very nice of you!

  6. I love how your videos tell a whole story, a complete story, from beginning to end. All the paragraphs are there. ;) You do great work, d.nash. Yay for looking fish!