Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A FlyFishilicious Care Package

A couple goodies arrived today in the mail from FlyFishilicious. I've been looking for a new hat and this fishpond cap has already cozied up upon my noggin.

Additionally, I though I would share with you a tool I love uing on the water. It is the Ty-Rite Fish hook holder. I've got and orange one hanging off my lanyard thanks to the gift from by big bro. $10.00 at cabelas online. I'm sure you could find them elsewhere. But honestly, I love this thing. It hooks your fly the way a bobber hooks onto your snoopy pole. If you have it attached to you body somewhere, you can just let it drop and not worry about losing that size 20 midge in the water or grass at your feet.


  1. Nash
    What a cool product, I have to get one. This is one reason why I do blogging, to find out about stuff like this.

    1. they are pretty sweet. and don't worry, I don't get royalties :)

  2. Ohh... Thanks for the mention and yes, that looks like a handy tool I'm going to have to try out!

  3. take your gloves off when handling fish !!!!!! Mr. my Leakey waders!

  4. Hey there Anon - Are you referring to the fish in the video "Ugly Fishing on a Nice Day?" If so, I'll pass on the word to my buddy. Thanks for your comments :)