Monday, September 3, 2012

Boston: Day 4

I'm a little late posting this one. Just got a little tired I guess. The highlight today was definitely the African Heritage Trail. Like the freedom trail, it is a historical walk, but this time we had a National Park Service guide leading the way. It was awesome. Then we walked around downtown, saw some ducks, ate food out of a truck, took a long nap, had some local beer, and had one last Italian dinner and called it a night. Today we fly home and start exercising off the weight we gained :) thanks for joining us these last few days. The photos are a bit lacking today because most are on the camera, not the phone.


  1. David
    Reads like you guys had a great time---now for the beer workouts--pounds can mount up with good beer at hand--thanks for sharing

  2. Boston
    Top ten cities #1 east coast City.
    Looks like you had some fun!

  3. Boston is such a fun place to visit...glad you guys are having (had) a great time!

    ...gotta love all the beer and food!

  4. thanks everybody for following along with us. It was a great vacation. I really enjoy the northeast coast. No fishing this trip, but maybe next time.

  5. lovely place isnt it? most of my family lives in the suburbs of boston and on cape cod. glad you had a great time!