Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Houston Has to Offer

I've been sent to Houston for a month of hard work, but somehow, my fly rod ended up in my hotel room. I've got some plans for some urban outings over the next few weeks that will hopefully provide for some cool footage, and, hopefully, my first carp on the fly, among other species.

I've noticed there are some great resources down here including the Texas Fly Fishers, a huge organization of fly fishing enthusiasts. I may end up trying to connect with them if time allows. I'll keep you all posted.


See the video "Carpocalypse" showing the culmination of my Houston experience HERE.


  1. Good luck. I'll be heading to Houston for about a week in the beginning of May. I'll definitely be packing my fly rods to get some fishing in. I'll be staying with a friend that seems to have some nice ponds in his neighborhood and they allow kayaks. :-)

    1. hit those up for sure. I've heard there are some big bass in the local ponds.