Saturday, March 23, 2013

Something Special from Sara the Sewer

I can't believe I didn't share this with you earlier. About a month ago, my wife, Sara, got all creative on me and surprised me with a handmade gift. She sewed me a tie. Is is almost as awesome as she is. Way to go Sara!

* see note below

Well, andaddendum is in order. Please refer to the commenter below that insightfully brought up the inconvenient dual interpretation of Sara's title. I intended to use "Sewer" as a cute alternative to seamstress. I did not mean to refer to her as a "gutter wench." I think she understands :) All the same, I'm leaving the title as is. Now it is just funny.


  1. Sweet threads! If I wore a tie I would pick that one everytime. Sara's a good woman D!

  2. That is one bad-ass tie, all the better b/c it was made by your special lady. Can I suggest, though, that you refer to her as "Sara the Seamstress" so there's no confusion that you're calling her a gutter wench.

    1. ha! well played. noted... I think an addendum is in order; however, now that the title will make me laugh when I see it, I'm leaving that the same :)

  3. I may actually wear a tie if it looked like that one! Nice.