Friday, April 26, 2013

Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol 14. Josh Ritter... plus... Painting Through Prosek

To kick your weekend off, try out some of the great tunes from Josh Ritter. I had heard of him a couple years ago, but never really gave him a try until February. So good. oh, and after the music are some pics of the most recent James Prosek attempt. I've decided to give the project a name. 
Painting Through Prosek.
It will be slow going, but I'll get there. 
Only like 60+ more fish to go. 

And now, the Quebec Red Trout.

Prosek paints this deep lake trout with greens, blues, and grays along the back.

The pattern is different than a brookie, but there are many similarities.  

I feel enjoyed trying to get the belly right. 


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