Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whew... South Florida Vacation: Day 4

Okay, getting a little tired, here. We woke nice and early to go diving with Quiescence Divers. We dove twice. The first dive was at the South Edge is the Elbow Reef. The second was The City Pf Washington. That was a wreck dive. The boat sank in 1917 and has been creating habitat for fish ever since.

Afterward, we were hungry and tired. We took care of the first problem by eating at Ms Macs. We took care of the second problem by by taking a nap in our car at the Starbucks parking lot.

Next we had a short trip to the Tamiami Trail where I spent about 30mins casting at nothing.

Then it was off to miami where apparently it is "Urban Beach Week." Who knew?

For us, that essentially means most restaurants we wanted to visit are closed.

Fortunately we still you..... This is where I I fell asleep. We had fun getting pizza. Today should be good too. I'm giving up on this post to enjoy the sun. Talk soon!

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