Sunday, February 2, 2014

Great Showing at this weekend's Northwest River Park Fly Fishing Seminar

This weekend we had 10 volunteers and 40 participants at the Northwest River Park Fly Fishing Seminar in Chesapeake, Va. It was a great showing. The boy scout troop definitely helped with the numbers. The seminars are facilitated by the Chesapeake Parks Dept and the Bill Wills Trout Unlimited Chapter. Yours truly had the duty of leading the class, and besides a few tough questions, it went pretty well.  Every attendant who wants to tie a woolly bugger and cast a fly rod gets a chance. It was fun to see all of the kids having a good time.

Not a dry eye in the crowd. 


  1. Very cool. Those indoor casting demonstrations can be kinda tricky with low ceilings.

    1. well played, jay :) we will try outdoors next time :)

  2. David
    I really enjoy gathering like this--thanks for sharing