Friday, July 31, 2015

Rest Easy, Friday Night: volume 18: go fishing edition

It has been a busy month but on Friday I finally made it out to the stream for an hour fishing for sunset. I trudged through the tall weedy banks with my tenkara rod and was able to pick up a couple driftless area Browns the mini hopper pattern. 

I was able to land one more nice fish before the full moon rose with the fireflies. I then stumbled my way back to the car to drive with the windows down back to Rochester. 

After a little Mr Pizza and Summit Brewing Company beer, it was time for bed. 

I sure do love July. 



  1. I'm jealous. Trout twenty five minutes from home. Congratulations on getting there. Is that the Hexagraph I see laying next to that fine fish?

    Hope Sarah and The Boy are doing well.......

    1. all are very well. we are finally settling in :)