Monday, November 2, 2015

Trail Running Whitewater State Park

Thinking trout fishing season was no hiatus until the new year, I drove to Whitewater State Park to try out a new activity.... Trail Running. Ironically, as I drove to the ranger station I saw a fly fisherman walking back to his car. Turns out, last year they changed the regulations so that there is now year round fishing in a few of the state parks. During this interim season, it is catch and release only.

I asked the park ranger what route I should take and he pointed me to a loop that would provide some good elevation change nice views. 

I started at the Trout Run Creek trail head. 

I ran past my turn up to Inspiration Point to follow the Trout Run trail a little further. I spotted lots of fish in the streams by the trails and then turned back for the big ascent. 

I started walking (kinda quickly) about here :)

There are several outcroppings and overlooks with great views of the bluffs and valleys. 

Below you can see an oxbow in the Whitewater River as it meanders through the park.

Kids will be kids.... Sometimes to the harm of the park, unfortunately. Maybe 3,000 years from now the "wall carvings" will be cherished :)

Here is the route I took. Great run. took about 30-45 minutes. I wasn't tracking it, but it was at least 2-3 miles, I'd guess with some good elevation change. I started with the red track from the South Picnic Area, then green, then blue.

It was a beautiful day, and I think I've found a new activity I can easily enjoy. Trail running. I think I see more in my future. 


  1. David
    Are you in Tennessee? If so do you fish the Caney and the Elk? Thanks Bill

    1. Actually I'm in Southeast Minnesota. I was in Virginia for the last 4 years, but have since moved. I've never fished the Elk or Caney. Are they any good? Thanks, as always, for reading, Bill!

  2. David
    Both are the best tailraces I have ever fished, and I have fished some in Arkansas that was supposed to be great, but can't compare to the Caney or Elk. If you ever get a chance to fish either I think you will be surprised.