Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quick Trip to Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Our future home is the Mississippi River Valley area of Lacrosse, Wisconsin. We have been making quick trips over there to check out housing options. 

On today's adventure we stopped in the Pearl Ice Cream Parlor for a sweet treat (it was amazing) and I noticed a friendly vehicle parked nearby with several trouty looking stickers. I think living in the heart of the Driftless Area is going to treat us well. 

The blog activity should pickup a little bit as well once we have more time to explore. Visitors welcome starting July 2016!


  1. You going to the Midwest Tenkara Fest in Coon Valley in May? I hope to be there.
    Went last year and made La Crosse my home base.
    Even if you're not, would be nice to maybe meetup and grab a beer if you had the time.

    1. Hey Mike!

      What dates are you here in May? I know I'm taking my wife to a play in Minneapolis on the Saturday that weekend, so I wasn't planning on making it, but if it worked out, it would be great to meet up. We move to the Lacrosse are in July and will be there indefinitely. I really would like to get to one of these events. I've never made it happen. Hopefully it is there again next year or at least nearby.

      How are you doing? Things going well in florida? My buddy and I are planning a DIY trip down there late July to fish the keys and glades for a few days. It will be hot, buggy, and hopefully fishy.

      Talk soon! you can email me at david.loring.nash@gmail.com