Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lake Standing Bear Recreation Area

Went out today for a run at Lake Standing Bear Recreation Area in NW Omaha. It is located at about 132nd and Military Rd. I've read a few peoples posts about decent bass fishing there, and apparently it is stocked with trout. I imaging they run a little deeper here, but I could be wrong.

As my wife and I ran around the lake I kept looking at the shoreline to see what I might be working with if I try to wade it. It seems like it has a steep drop off along most of the eastern shore but there are plenty of fingers that may be shallower.

A couple of thoughts run through my mid with regard to what fish to go for.

1. whatever is biting.
2. try for the stocked trout.
3. go for bass.
4. I'm intruiged by the thought of hitting a slob carp.

I think I'll just pick a day coming up soon and see what happens. The mornings in Omaha are much less windy so I will have to start early. I'm finishing two weeks of night shifts which mean my days are for sleeping. Maybe next weekend.

I also have to face the music and address my leaky waders one of these days. After an hour in waist high water, I am filled to my knees. The problem is, I don't see any obvious tears. I'll just have to hit up the seams and knees with Hodgeman repair cement.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Until then.

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