Friday, July 1, 2011

Whoa. Connect the dots.

Making my morning rounds, I stopped by Troutrageous.

From there I leaned about Fly Fishers Inc and their free online magazine.

Inside that nifty New Zealand periodical I found this....

Yeah. Whoa.

Photo and words in that story are by Ian Smith.


  1. Dang....freaky! A friend of mine said she caught an "alien" the other day. Turned out to be an albino S. American Oscar Fish someone got tired of in their aquarium and released into a city pond. Weird what ya reel in! Cool magazine....I'm going to go peruse more now. Cheers. :)

  2. albino S. American Oscar Fish?!

  3. Yeah! Seriously strange! Google "Oscar Fish" and then imagine it white with red eyes.

  4. that would blow my mind if I caught that :)