Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harkers Island Blitz

My alarm went off at 2:30 AM.  We wanted to be on the road by 3 to catch the 8 o'clock ferry to the island. It was a gamble to hope for both good weather and fish, but, as I now know, the prospect of catching false albacore will make you do silly things.

We made small talk most of the way there, avoiding all topics regarding weather hoping not to jinx the day ahead. It is funny what we will do to feel like we are in control. The night before I left, Sara came home with a pack of Swedish Fish for good luck. I popped one or two in my mouth every half hour that day convinced it would do the trick.

Arriving at 7:30 gave us just enough time to gear up and pay the ferryman.  Shortly thereafter, his Carolina skiff was cruising across the water taking us to our destination. The cool morning air felt as good as a shower. I was refreshed and awake, excited for what was to come.

As the boat glided into the shore, we began sizing up our territory. Walking to our first destination, I noticed the sand on the island was made of broken down seashells. They clinked like wine glasses or wind chimes with each step.

After picking our first spot, we began to fish.....

The talk and mood during the ride home was lighthearted. We gambled and won. The Swedish Fish did the trick.


  1. Yes! This gives me hope that I'll one day see a Bigfoot! Got to exist. ;) Seriously though, you always get really cool angles and perspectives. Good eye you have!

  2. That was impressive! Luckly you made it to a gas station cause I was looking at that gauge and it was quite empty lol.. I notice the weirdest things

  3. Looks like an uber sweet time. Great video too

  4. Awesome! I need to get down there in the yak! Maybe next year...

  5. e - until monday, a false albacore might as well have been imaginary. thank you for the compliments, and, as always, thanks for stopping by. have a great weekend.

    Dustin -good eye on the gauge :) that's pretty funny.

    cliff - it was so great. i feel pretty lucky. capturing it on video is just a bonus. A way to enjoy and share the experience afterwards.

    Justin - it would be great to have a yak down there. There were a lot of fish busting just out of our reach from shore. you'd be set.

  6. Awesome, I'd like to get more info on this trip. Can you email me about it sometime?

  7. yes kevin, my email is davidlnash at I'd be happy to give you the details. It was a a great time.

  8. Love them apple cores!!! Did you catch 'em in November, is that just when you blogged?

    Great video!!!

    Take Care,


  9. andrew - yeah it was november 13th. I went down there last week though and everything that close had shut down. I think the fish moved further out.