Thursday, March 15, 2012

Orvis Sling Packin': entry for Owl Jones giveaway

Here is my entry for a video contest over at Owl Jones dot com

The Goal: "Make a funny video telling us why you deserve our extra Orvis Sling Pack."

The result: See below. Instead of telling you, I tried to show you my denial and, therefore, show you my need for the pack.

The second result: I had fun and a good laugh thinking up some bad ideas. Just be happy the "peeing buckets of water" scene didn't make the cut :)


  1. well played d. nash. well played.

  2. Wow, the completion will be tough. Nice entry.

    1. dean - I can't wait to see your and the other submissions. I think this was a fun idea for a contest. Thanks for the comments.