Monday, May 7, 2012

She's the Best

My partner in crime executed her skill at the sewing machine beautifully this weekend as I've been living like a vampire for the last 6 days. Not the Edward Cullen sparkly kind of vampire that can be in the sun. The ones who work all night with bloody things and then fall asleep in dark spaces during the day.

Anyway, Sara has wanted to make me a reel case for some time now. She did all the research, went to thrift stores to repurpose some fabric and find some cheap zippers (flys on pants) and this is the finished product. 2 cases. One monogramed with my initials (for the saltwater reel) and one with an abstract mountain stream scene for the trout fishing reel. Sara, you rock my fly fishing world.

at the top is a handy belt loop.
It zips up so nice. 
Two mountains and a stream.
Such a cozy home.