Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Video: Fishing The Valleys

In efforts to resurrect a local Trout Unlimited Chapter, we undertook a coordinated effort to gather old and new members and journey to western Virginia. There were trout. There were chubs. There was food. There was beer. There were pretty leaves. There was tenkara and non-tenkara.

Filmed with my GoproHD and iphone 4


  1. beautiful! places like that are very special. I hope all is well with you. up here in nj we have just started getting into the the migrating stripers with some residentials mixed in as well. tons of big weakfish as well. its shaping to be a great fall on the fly! hope yours is going as well as mine. But judging from the video, it is. Tight lines my friend,

  2. Thanks Johnnie. It was an awesome trip. That is great hear the stripers are running. I'm hoping I can get some of them this fall as well. Glad you are already hooking in to them. I'll try to keep the blog updated if I find good results :)