Saturday, January 26, 2013

OBN Gear: Avex Autoseal Waterbottles

The Outdoor Blogger Network has always been striving to connect people, share stories, and occasionally provide opportunity to try out new outdoor gear. A few weeks ago, another chance at sampling some new products came by as Avex donated some of their Autoseal Waterbottles and coffee mugs.

The Brazos Autoseal Waterbottle was what I found at my door step.

The bottle is quite awesome. I've used it out fishing once and on the treadmill many times. I find the bottle easy to use, easy to clean, and not nearly as clumsy as my other "standard" water bottles. There are no lids or wide mouths or straws to mess with when you want a drink. You just press a button, and go to town. 

Now I figure you can look at this a two ways. 

1. What's the big deal. A bottle is a bottle. As long as it hold water, I'm good. 

Response: I agree. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. I need something that functions reliably and won't break. That was my view on bottles until I got my hands on this one. The ease of use with this bottle is amazing. Not having to twist off a top, and balance a full bottle so as not to spill on your lap or face is surprisingly a nice feature. Also, My big nose isn't hitting the rim of a wide mouth bottle that I usually drink form. 

2. I like bottles that don't spill and are easy to use.

Response: This is one of those bottles. 

(from the Avex site)

One-handed, BPA-free plastic water bottle automatically seals between sips.

  • This BPA-free plastic water bottle has no cap to remove, no spout to open – making it perfect for one-handed use during activities.
  • This water bottle features patented AUTOSEAL® spill-proof & leak-proof technology - simply press the button to sip and release to automatically seal.  The AUTOSEAL® lid automatically seals between drinks to eliminate spills and leaks.
  • Easy transport with a convenient clip-on handle that attaches to gym bags, backpacks and gear.
  • Easily track water intake with volume markings on the bottle.
  • Spout shield covers and protects the spout from dirt and germs.
  • No plastic odors or taste with FDA-approvedBPA-free Tritan™ materials.
  • Water bottle is top-rack dishwasher-safe.
  • 25 oz. capacity.

They even have a handy "how to video." Enjoy the extreme music and fancy graphics. 

So, in conclusion. If you are happy with your water bottle and it is working fine, I'd say stick with it.  In order to decrease excessive consumption, there is little sense buying something new when what you've got is working.  And if a bottle hold water without leaking, it is working. If you are in the market for a new water bottle and want to try something innovative, Avex Autoseal is a great option. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


My views are my own. I get to keep the bottle, but I don't know anyone at Avex, so I don't really feel pressured to give a biased review. I try to be honest. However, since I like the product, I may be biased (but at least I'm being honest about that). Whatever you use, Avex, Nalgene, or old crinkly Avian water bottle, just drink water. It's good for you.

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  1. David
    These are the bottles of the future. I have one that is similar to the one you are talking about. Thanks for sharing