Saturday, September 21, 2013

Painting Through Prosek: Mexican Golden Trout

After looking at the few online photos and illustrations of the Mexican Golden Trout that I could find, I've decided James Prosek painted a mix of the male during spawning colors and the female specimen. That being said, having never seen one of these little Mexican beauties, who am I to presume such things?

The Mexican Golden Trout is the last of the species in the chapter on Apaches, Gila and Rios. 

During spawning season, the male sports a bright orange belly. 

From what I can tell online, the par marks seem to be persist past the juvenile stages.

The par mark on the left is a bit darker than the rest, now that I look at it.

Next up, the book delves into the Rainbow, Redband, and Golden Trout. I've selected 7 of the 15 fish to paint. After that will be the Cutthroats. Now that is a big chapter. 

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