Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Video from The Fly Collective: Long Shot

Since the first installment, Cold Blue Nights, 7 months ago, I've been waiting for The Fly Collective's next piece. The Fly Collective is made up of Ivan Orsic of Yukon Goes Fishing (of yukon goes fishing) and Russell Schnitzer (of schnitzer photo).

In their own words: The latest installment has been in the works for months. The quality of work these guys put in to these projects is top notch.

The latest project explores the perspectives and relationships of fly fishers and writers, Jay Zimmerman (no relation to Robert more commonly know as Bob Dylan... at least as for as I know...) and Erin Block (of It is phenomenal.

"We strive to tell unique and compelling stories within the fly fishing community using a combination of our distinctive styles. Our objective is to be a part of the evolution of fly fishing media, to more effectively connect people with their passions by creating real, identifiable stories of hard-working anglers and guides.

We are based in Colorado, but our roots and reach are extensive. You'll see plenty of different places and characters featured, documenting the real and growing extent of fly fishing subculture.
We are, proudly, a low-budget operation. It is our hope that you'll find our execution to be top-shelf."

A story about a fly fishing couple with a shared passion for chasing carp along Colorado's Front Range. Jay Zimmerman and Erin Block share glimpses in to their lives as authors, creators of proven fly patterns, and anglers. Fly fishing for carp requires one to push the envelope in order to learn and grow, let alone connect with the fish. It is an ongoing evolution where, as in life, disparate successes are connected by a series of long shots.

Music: Alt-J "Breezeblocks" instrumental
Camera & Edit: Russ Schnitzer & Ivan Orsic

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