Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I could go for a bit of this right about now....

Good times :)


  1. David
    One awesome job of filming, and capturing the moment at hand, that stream was made for Tenkara fishing. I have a few questions about you filming this segment; what brand and type camera were you using and was the camera a head mount. What brand mount were you using? I am considering buying a camera and mount for this fishing season. I notice the quality on your video was super clear as opposed to some videos I have watched. I know this can be contributed to camera choice and the quality of the camera itself. I don’t want to spend a ton of money to get started with this so what would be my best choice? Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey bill,

      Thank you! I use a combination of my GoPro HD with the standard head mount they provide. I also use my iPhone 4s camera for most close up shots. It is a phenomenal camera. I have a waterproof phone cover after dropping the last phone in the water a couple times. It shouldn't have taken a couple times to learn that lesson. I hope that helps. There are a lot of good cameras out there, but that combination has been the most economical for me.