Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rise contest: Fly Fishing With Me Song

That questionable line at 1:03 is "foggy morn." Unfortunate phonetic misunderstanding.

Again, this is for the OwlJones.com and Rise fishing Rise Fly rod and reel giveaway. These posts are only allowed to be done until tonight, hence the absolute flurry. But I can no longer apologize. I'm trying to win!

oh and by the way, if you are here for reasons other than these posts, here is My Big Adventure post of my trip fly fishing in Montana and hiking in Utah.


  1. Great Job, its a good thing the points are not judged by the quality of the song. If so, yours would blow mine out of the water. Great song.

  2. Thanks man! I checked yours out as well and dig the sound. good stuff. We're all just trying to win a rod, right? Keep it up!