Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rise contest: "Funny" video by me and Zeeba

Here we go again. Guess what I've been doing today :)

Here you go OJ and RF.

Ben Harper on the tunes. Great song.

This is Fly Fishing for Cat... Fish. Zeeba catfish to be more specific. His habitat range is exclusive to our apartment. I practiced catch and release for this take.... :)


  1. Hahaha good stuff. how can i top this?

  2. That needs to be in the next Fly fishing film festival... The lighting, the camera work... I mean heck that work you did on the vice alone... EPIC!

  3. That was an awesome vid! glad Zeeba was released unharmed...

  4. All the credit goes to Zeeba on the release. He fought valiantly :) I'm just glad he "cooperated."

    Thanks for watching guys. I spent almost 2hrs trying to work out a bug on the editing software only to find out all I needed to do was quit and restart the program. It was a little frustrating, so to hear you all like it, makes it feel worth it :)

  5. Thanks, Dustin! Glad you enjoyed it :)