Friday, January 13, 2012

Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol 5: Sufjan Stevens

A friend made a CD for me of his favorite Sufjan (pronounced like the comment below:) Stevens songs and it hit me like a rock. He is pretty mellow, but the lyrics and melodies are spectacular. Now a lot of these songs have a similar sound, but I enjoy each of them. 

 I've got some plans to fish this weekend in western Virginia. Old Man Winter won't be stopping this guy. Fish or no fish, it should be fun and I hope to bring you some good photos and/or video. 
Until then, I give you Sufjan Stevens.


  1. It's actually pronounced soof-yawn. Means "comes with a sword ". I'm glad you enjoy parts of it. He's a talented man.

  2. R.o.y. - Thanks! I never really knew for sure how to pronounce it.

  3. Sanders - no worries. I've got another group in mind I think you might like... until next friday.