Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running on the Beach

I've noticed that the sand on the beach gets hard and packed the colder it gets. This makes it easier to run on. I try to jog as much as I can. Growing up in Minnesota, I used to enjoy running in the winters. Especially at night. The moonlight and streetlights reflect off the snow creating a warm ambience.

The other day on the beach, I started to notice similarities to winters in Minnesota. The cold, biting air blowing off the water. The sand even begins to look a bit like snow as it is blown in the wind day after day.

The white, rabid-dog-frothing-water even creates little pseudo-snow piles. 

Cheers to snow and running in it. 


  1. I liked this piece a lot...reminded me of running on the beach in San Francisco and the snow covered dirt roads I do now. Cheers indeed!

  2. Really cool. I like the analogy. If you can relate things back to MN, well, I guess they're relatable. I like it.


  3. E - I really enjoy running for the exercise part, but I also feel it is a great way to get to know your surroundings. Not just geographically. I mean in a more intimate sense. Knowing the weather. Where the puddles form. Learning all the details of your local environment. I like it a lot.

    Sanders - MN has been such a big part of my life that I find, for better or worse, I can relate most things back to it. That being said, I must make sure to enjoy where I am and not take it for granted by being too nostalgic :)

    Thanks for stopping by guys!

  4. David, beautiful! You would have enjoyed a run in the midwest this week...January with temps in the 40's...it hit 50 around here some places today. It smells like spring. A few little piles of snow here and there, but actually earth that's open. I'll never forget a full moonlit night on the beach in West Virginia. You have much beauty to experience where you are! Hope all is well...thinking of you!

  5. Teach - I do understand it has been unseasonably warm all over. Thanks for checking in on us! Miss you guys :)

  6. Who says you can’t do anything at the beach when it’s cold? Running by the beach is beneficial because you get to catch some fresh air while doing your daily jog. It is also bit of a challenge because you have to set your pace in such a way that you won’t feel the cold breeze and still won’t burn yourself out too quickly.

    1. I totally agree, Donna. I could use a little bit of that cool weather now :)