Monday, April 9, 2012

Preparation for the Driftless

In a couple weeks I'll be heading back to my homelands fora  week of family time. The first weekend back in Minnesota, I'm meeting up with my brother at his friend's hunting shack. They'll be stalking turkeys while I plan on chasing trout for at least one full day.

In preparation for the trip, I have been using the archives and current writings of Justin over at Winona Fly Factory. I love his blog because it is a fly fishing blog in the purest sense. You'll see what I mean as you explore it.

In anticipation of a glorious day with a big caddis hatch like below, I am tying some of his deer hair caddis pattern.

Can you see the big browns darting 
back and forth in a frenzy?

He is a great instructor.

I'm still deciding between bringing the western fly rod, tenkara, or both. The tenkara is so tempting because of how easy it would be to travel with. My western rod is a two piece which is simply bulkier, but really, not that bad. We'll see. 

Any suggestions on rod and fly choice as I prepare?


  1. David
    Not being a Tenkara guy myself, I would have to go with the two piece. Hope you land a bunch

    1. thank you, Bill. I hope so too. Who knows? Maybe I'll bring both rods.

  2. Hey D. maybe shoot me an email... I'd like to try to say hi while your in the area if possible.

    1. indeed. email is on the way. that would be awesome.