Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Horn River in April

So, the idea has been floated. A trip is in the works. Big Horn River in April, here we come. I looked at the hatch chart, and, to no surprise, it looks like midges, blue winged olives, and scuds are the main dish. That being said, I will have to start giving my best shot at tying these bad boys.

Speaking of fly tying.... Guess who just won a re-draw of an OBN gear review give-away?! Well, not John Boehner (Though, that is what I look like when I'm overwhelmed with emotion). ME! Yup! I am gonna get some goodies and try to tie you something pretty. Hopefully it will also be functional. I will fill you in more on that as the time comes. Thanks to Montana Fly Company!

*Tear* Adios!


  1. Midges and BWO's are my favorite hatches and it should be good fishin' in
    April...hope you make the trip out!

  2. Don't be busting on orange americans!

  3. actually, I don't even know what "orange americans" means.