Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That's My Blog's Name.

Since joining the Outdoor Blogger Network, I've been propelled into an online community of bloggers that are more creative than I can imagine. It is awesome. I am quickly realizing the beauty of the OBN blog prompts. This helps us all stay fresh and continue to contribute to our online passion catalogs.

That being said, the latest of the prompts has us telling secrets and swapping lies of our past and shedding light on the roots of our names. Blog names for some. Contrary to the AWESOME song by the Ting Tings, "That's Not My Name," My Leaky Waders is my blog's name. Listen to the song; it rocks. (nice semi-colon, huh?)

Now, like many others, the name of my blog is not shrouded in mystery. It is pretty darn obvious that I am the proud owner of a pair of 10-year-old waders that have seams like the US-Canada boarder (I actually have no idea regarding the status of our boarder to the North, but am instead reaching for humor) and material with sieve-like properties that rival my dismal college hockey statistics.

These bad boys are easily filled with 2-3 liters of water after an afternoon in the Nebraska lakes I've been fishing lately. Why do I keep them? I'm cheap. It's more wet than cold. I'm poor. I haven't fished enough in the last couple years to justify new ones. And I'm cheap.

I came up with the name while on a night shift in the ER this past summer, and it stuck with me. I am, indeed, cursed with optimism, and this also seemed like a general theme for me. Things never go perfectly or as planned. Waders are not meant to last forever, and they will leak. All of them. I'm positive of it. That being said, it doesn't have to ruin the day or the outing. I am choosing to embrace it.

Still, I do have my eye on the exact pair I am waiting to purchase. I'm hoping a coupon comes in the mail soon, to help me out. Or I find an extra $100 in the mail. *hint hint* To send money to me in the mail, ask for my address.



  1. Oooohhhhh, I like where this is going. I'm digging your writing style. I think I'm just going to have to be forced to add you to the blogroll over at FFSBR. Yep. Gonna have to do it.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else hear Peter Griffin saying " llleeeaky waaaders...hehehheheeeh"


  2. Very nice. The photo is what really completes this post... priceless. My dog is looking at me wondering why I'm laughing out loud. I think John Gierach put the certainties of life best: Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders.

  3. giggedy giggedy. thanks, owl :)

  4. Jay, I think I'm obligated to read his essays now. I enjoyed your post as well.

    stay dry,