Saturday, February 5, 2011

If Owl Jones hoots, what's your noise?

I figure anyone who might read my posts is likely familiar with Mr. Owl Jones. Well I was thinking, Owl hoots, right? I mean, I've seen it in his posts. In my mind, when I read it, I hear a little *hoot* *hoot* noise similar to those from the owls in the Harry Potter movies.

So, what type of noise does a Nash make? I can think of some off color jokes here, of course. But I guess I would have to say that my sound would be somewhere between a loon call and a dolphin squeak. The loon because I'm from Minnesota, and the dolphin because I was recently asked "if you could be any animal other than a human, what would it be?" I said dolphin as this was my plans for a career when I was a child. It didn't pan out.

I now leave you to ponder the sounds of the loon-dolphin or dolphoon.

What's your noise?


  1. I suppose I should clarify; when I was a child I actually wanted to be a dolphin. Thanks mom.

  2. I didn't need any clarification... I can totally understand wanting to grow up to be an awesome animal. I wish I really could do that.
    I think my wild noise would be a frog call or maybe an alligator bellowing. I'm a southern swamp creature, what more can I say?

  3. Alligator bellowing. Nice. I like it.