Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ooh, piece of candy. Ooh, piece of candy. Ooh, piece of candy.

Today with morning coffee and toast, I felt like the cartoon version of James Woods on Family Guy. I was perusing the vast list of bloggers on OBN.

Piece of candy #1: Fish Porn.

So, porn happens to be one of those red flag words that
just stands out. See what I mean. Like sex, or Luke Skywalker.
I followed the OBN link, and watched some awesome videos.
The site simply posts things of interest to fly fish peeps.
Anything that, like porn, might tickle their fancy.

From Fish Porn, I found my second piece of candy.

Piece of candy #2: This is Fly.

This is Fly is an online fly fishing magazine.
Similar to Catch magazine except more stories and
narrative. Lots of fun in there and great photos.
Inside the magazine, I found my
third piece of candy.

Piece of candy #3: Third year Fly Fisher.

Oh man, this is a gold mine. I read and article in This is Fly
about muskie fly fishing (something that really intrigues me)
and noticed a "button" saying "watch the video."
That brought me to Third Year Fly Fisher.
Robert Thompson is the mastermind behind this beast.
He posts some amazing videos from his trips to
Wisconsin, Montana, Michigan, and Idaho.
Needless to say, after finding his site, I fell a bit behind in my to-do list,
but I feel much better about it after sharing my pieces of candy with all of you.

So today, I want you all to be like James Woods, click on these links, and eat the candy.
It is sweet and delicious.

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