Thursday, March 10, 2011

Greenfish goodies :)

My stylish greenfish cap came in the other day. I'm sporting it to work in the mornings. It is a good opportunity for the hat and I to get to know each other. It takes time to develop a relationship with a hat. My head needs to get a bit more hair to fill out the sides. The hat needs to accommodate to the contours of my temples. It is serious process.

But the Greenfish hat is super comfy, so I'm not worried. Anyway, thanks again Greenfish. I'll be sure to spread your sustainable message on either the front, side, or back of my head, depending on how cool I want to look each day.


  1. I agree, a hat is a serious issue. I reject many before finding one I will tolerate. I've got to get me one of those Greenfish hats, maybe it will pass my tests.

  2. it is a "flex fit" so you should find something you like. For me, it is all about the front panel of the hat. my greenfish one is almost to "trucker" for me. I like them to be more curved and tight fitting to my forehead. Who would have known a person can be so particular about such a simple thing.

    But I think we are on the same page. along those lines, I often find the hats that end up being my favorite aren't ones I get in stores, but are ones that someone else has either "lost" or given to me...I guess it is kind like how the food in someone else's fridge always looks tastier.