Friday, March 4, 2011

Who pooped on my balcony?

Someone or something pooped on my balcony. Doesn't look like a bird or
squirrel. Any ideas? We live in an 2nd floor apartment in Omaha so I figure it isn't a monkey, fish, or dog.


  1. Wow, that's quite a turd on a ledge you've got there. That construction (what little I can see of it) looks a lot like an apartment where I lived in Knoxville.
    My first guess would be a housecat, but it looks like a small poop for a cat if that is indeed a 2x piece of dimensional lumber it's perched on. I think it's safe to rule out any birds with no white urates present.
    It definitely looks mammalian... and carnivore at that. Maybe a raccoon or an opossum? They're both quite arboreal.

  2. Crazy right? I agree about being arboreal. If it is a raccoon or possum they are living in or climbing on our apartment building. I'm perplexed.

  3. No verdict. The world may never know.

  4. aliens. it's my answer to everything.

  5. Update. Thank you k and t for your thoughts. I do love the mystery poo and, yes, it could be aliens. Even though I love it, I hate it. But nevertheless, it remains pasted to the balcony. No new sightings. No new poo.