Thursday, March 3, 2011

Outdoor Photo Prompt: tribute post

I'm trying to post this in record time for me, as I've got to head out the door and I'm trying to finish the coffee. I'm just honing my skills as a multi-tasker.

OBN had another photo prompt asking about your favorite outdoor gear, and to be honest, I've racked my brain thinking of backpacks, water bottles, hiking boots, knives, fishing gear, and I can't think of anything. Then I thought of my best childhood/adulthood friend. I would just slap a picture of his face on here, but I had a better idea. As a tribute to him, I would post my favorite piece of his outdoor "equipment" because it rocks.

Every trip we've ever gone on since we were young: boundary waters, wyoming, YMCA camp, etc, he always brought a sturdy supply of Caramello candy bars. He said, It is his favorite candy, and he said, "Food is always best when camping, so why not have my favorite?" And he has a point, Caramello smores are amazing.


So, here's to you, buddy.


  1. I fully approve of candy bars being a favorite piece of "equipment"... good friends are cool too.

  2. Caramello smores! Never had that and not interested in trying

  3. I meant to type I am now interested in trying. Sorry I love caramellos

  4. Ha! The first way was funnier. But yes, they are good. The smores, already gooey as all heck because of the marshmallow get the extra messy factor from the warm caramel. mmmmmmm

    Thanks for stopping by guys :) Dustin, I'm enjoying getting to know your page.