Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Issue of Catch Magazine is Out

Catch Magazine releases an online journal of fly fishing photography and film every odd month of the year. This is their 16th issue. There are awesome videos, gorgeous photography, and a few cool interviews. This is a very interactive magazine. Something I think we will see more of, in general, as print continues to fade and the so long as the ipad 2 really does define 2011.

This issue has mayfly hatch photography, a great slide-show from the Bahamas, a photo essay of South African Mountain trout, and much more. Plus you can check out the previous issues. Best part, it's all free.

Photo is from Cayo Largo, Cuba by Brian O'Keefe.


  1. I never knew about Catch magazine. Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Oh, its awesome! You'll love it. Great to know the word is spreading :)