Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fly Fishing, Snakes, and Beer

This morning I went out to Walnut Creek to cast at bass and bluegill. I couldn't entice any bass, but the bluegills were eager for a popper supper. It was a short trip. Hour and a half. But I had a lot of fun and caught about 15-20.

I also saw this little guy out for a swim.

Last Sunday, Sara and I went up to Boyer Chute Wildlife Refuge for a jog and morel hunt. Well, the jog was shorter than normal because the flood plane of the chute was completely flooded. The Missouri is still high up here in Nebraska. While stalking mushrooms in the woods, we saw 5 common garter snakes. All were pretty good sized. Lots of fun, but no mushrooms.

All snakes (including these two) were Common Garter Snakes - Red-sided variety
(Thamnophis sirtalis)

On Saturday, we got together with some good friends for a german feast. Kraut. Sausages. Spatzel. Potato pancakes and applesauce. Delish. Paired with a Sam Adams Summer Ale. Oh, so good. The Summer Ale is light and sweet. Perfect for a warm evening sitting on the porch.


  1. Potato pancakes and applesauce! SO good...

  2. Just reading the title of this post is enough to make me happy- three of my favorite things. Good stuff.

  3. e - I agree. The pancakes rocked. The kraut is what does it for me though. I will put that on anything :)

    Jay- I thought you would like that :) I even considered handling one, but thought I would leave that to the pros like yourself.

  4. d.nash - Yes...kraut! Did you drink the juice too? Sauerkraut juice is one of me favorite things. Well, apart from pickle juice. And yeah, I know it's weird. ;)

  5. Ha! I DO drink the juice (both pickle and kraut). My wife thinks it is crazy. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)