Friday, May 6, 2011

Take Them Fishing!

Well, first let me say, this will probably be my last contest entry for a while :) I'm feeling like I need to do more fishing and less writing about fishing. That being said, when OBN posted a new contest in coordination withTake Me Fishing forNational Fishing and Boating Week, I had to enter. The thing is, I'm not entering for myself. This is for my nephews and niece and their families. These kids love catching fish. Notice I said, "catching fish." At their age, attention span is ... well... let's just say limited. ( see troutrageous' guest post regarding tips to make the outings more enjoyable for the little guys) So while the act of fishing (the process of seeking out the fish and not necessarily catching any) is fun to me, for these little tikes, it takes a little more stimulation. All of the goodies that Take Me Fishing will provide them with a literal package of activities to possibly make the fishing aspect more enjoyable, but definitely make the catching fish more exciting. So, yes, it will all go to them. They deserve it more than I.

They are all up in Minnesota and will soon be enjoying fishing with Grandma and Grandpa. Now, I have 3 nephews and one niece all belonging to my brother and sister. There is, however, another nephew on the way via my other brother and sister. Believe me when I say, G-ma and G-pa have their hands full when these kids are around. I want to be able to explain this to you, but I think it is better if I just show you....

Honestly, these kids kill me with joy and love. They are just so crazy fun. When they get excited, I think they are going to have a seizure. They are intensely excited when catching fish.... and when there is cake. They love cake. And frosting.

I mean look at them. They go crazy. CRAZY!

I'm hoping to get around a do some casting myself next week here in Omaha. It will be quiet time alone, relaxing and enjoying the last few weeks I have here. But I will be thinking about the joy my little buddies get from being at the Lake in Minnesota, fishing with family. I don't need someone to take me fishing anymore, but they do. And these trips while young can not only create memories, but also an appreciation for the world in which we live. That is something I think is very valuable. – National Fishing & Boating Week

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