Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful Day for a Skunk

I tried to fish the closest waters today. I saw a bunch of schools of bait fish swarming the shallows and targeted those areas. Then I walked down the beach toward some rock jetties. I talked to a guy surf fishing and he said most fish are out past the sand bar. This is too deep for me to wade and to far for my flimsy 5wt to cast.

So add all of that together and what do you get? Skunked. No fear. That is part of the process. I am basically starting all over again. New species. New waters. I have to think about salinity and temperature. Migration and who knows what else.

This is when I seek out help. Off to the local bait shops. I just discovered another local fly fisher group. ("Like") I should get that first fish shortly.

Today did give me the chance to play with the camera on my phone. Quite nice as long as you can hold it steady. Then I edited the video with the app Splice (free version). It kept quitting on me, but generally it was very easy and cool. I was even able to play guitar behind the movie for music. fun stuff:)

So no fish. Some blood. Pretty day.

Untitled from My Leaky Waders on Vimeo.


  1. I've never listened to that advice. My feet spend as little time as possible in shoes. They are cracked and scared and dirty because of it. Adds "character." ;) That's with your phone? Really? Totally impressed. For some reason I read "salinity" as "sanity" and now I can't stop laughing. Great post as usual!

  2. Since being here, shoes have been at a minimum. These rocks had barnacles on them, and that's where I got into trouble :) I do constantly have to consider my own sanity as well as the fish's. I don't consider my own salinity half as much as I should. Gotta watch the salt intake!

  3. You're right, a good skunking is just part of the process...a process I still am going through more often than I would care to admit. Great little video...impressed it's from the phone!

  4. THanks Sanders. Yeah, I really like the video feature on the camera. I do have to be very careful handling it over water though. I don't want to ruing my phone and camera in one go.