Saturday, June 4, 2011

Norfolk, Virginia.

Well, we made it. After about 26 hours of travel and a week of exploring, we are a little more settled in our new place. Here are some photos from this last week. I will post a video of our journey as well. Photos include our beach, the Blackbeard Pirate Festival in Hampton, and my first fly for the waters out here.

 do you see the crane above?


  1. Congrats on making the big move. Glad to see you arrived without incident. Looks like you'll be catching Stripers and the like soon.

  2. Blackbeard Pirate Festival!? What a hoot! Glad the move went well and that you're settling into "home." Looks like a great fly, and I can't wait for the "first fish" post. :)

  3. Thanks you two. It is going to be an adjustment. I'm trying to explore some fishing while I have free time. My rod is definitely too small for a striped bass. It is a 5 wt and a whippy one at that.

  4. great pics! Glad to hear the trip went smooth.
    tight lines....