Sunday, August 7, 2011

Surf's up!

All it took was a quick trip to walmart and I'm now equipped for surf fishing. I was able to pick up a setup for around $50 (thanks mom and dad). Not too shabby. I got out twice this weekend for a few casts. Using cut up shrimp on a 2 ounce down rigger (it is a bit like a lindy rig), I was able to catch one whiting and a bunch of small croaker. And those croakers really do croak. It is pretty funny to hear/feel them burping in the palm of your hand.

I have to thank JM at Something's Fishy for giving me the confidence to get this started. It is going to be another fun way to catch some fish, even if I'm not throwing that 2 ounce weight with a fly rod :)



  1. OH man does that look like a blast. Glad you are set to go now. Look forward to future posts. Nice pics and fish. Tight Lines.

  2. Dude! COOL! Fishing is fishing and I'm sure you'll find alot of cool stuff out there in the waves and sand! Personally, I love going to the beach about once every five years. The ocean is cool. I'd rather eat dog poop than go there every summer, but it's still really cool. And big. The ocean is big. :) CROAK CROAK! lol

  3. TM - Thanks man. The photos aren't much to what you've got going on over at your spot, but they work :) Thanks!

    Owl - Fishing IS fishing. Now I'm set up so if I ever want to just catch a fish, I've got another outlet. Croak. Croak.

  4. You're awesome! I remember seeing fishermen on Ocean Beach in San Francisco when I was in school. It's amazing to watch someone cast into such vast blue...

    Croakers? Sounds like fun! :)

  5. You're going to have a blast! It's always fun to discover new ways to catch some fish. Can't wait to read about your surf fishing adventures!

  6. LOL , that's great man! Thanks for the plug :) You know you can cut those croakers up for cut bait to catch whatever is eating them , right?

    I'll email you tomorrow! Thanks again and tight lines.


  7. e - It is really big water. it is funny to cast as hard as you can and far as you can and really get nowhere, but still be able to catch fish.

    Sanders - It is a lot of fun to try new way to fish. I'll keep you posted on any big catches :)

    JM - I think I've seen people cutting up the fish. I may have to work up to that :)

  8. Looks like you could use a new set of knives to go with that gear. We had to draw a new winner: Guess who got lucky?