Sunday, December 19, 2010

1st Cornhusker Fly Fishers' tying session

It was a good first session for me. I tied some basic flies. Nothing difficult, but while focussing on technique, I noticed they were a bit sloppier at first. So as you go from left to right in the picture, the flies get progressively a little better.
Things I came away with:

1. getting much better tying on dubbing.
2. realized the importance of wrapping hackle feathers consistently fly to fly.
3. judging hackle feather size appropriate for fly.
4. I learned how to reattach my muffler to my car with iron wire.

I tied 5 "Soft Hacks Flies."
- 3 size 14, 2 size 12
- olive/green dubbing
- partridge hackle

and... 1 "black fur ant"
- size 12
- black dubbing
- saddle hackle

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