Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've found a new outlet...

So I stopped by Omaha's only fly shop, which is in Cabela's. There I met Bill, the guy who was working the fly shop. We chatted about tying and fishing in the area and he mentioned they are having a fly tying course this Saturday the 18th.

Not only that, but he mentioned a group called Cornhusker Fly Fishers. Interesting... Their website looks like it needs maintinence. Apparently they meet at Cabela's each Thursday to tie. This could be a great opportunity to formally learn some skillz (wow, I've never used the "z" like that. I feel a little ashamed but also a little liberated).

I'll probably stop by this weekend. Maybe tomorrow night as well.

I'm such a beginner at this, in reality. I need some people to teach me. I've been fishing my whole life. I've been trout fishing off an on since I was in 5th grade. I just have never taken that leap to really get taught about fly tying and fly fishing. In fact, I think I have always been resistant to asking for help. Instead, I figure things out my self even if that means I don't know everything I should. So this will be good for me. I will be start attending this group to really learn how to be better.

On another note, today is a good day to try and write some poetry. Let's give it a shot.


Eastern Nebraska in the winter.
It's as much an island from
Fly fishing
As the Sahara.
The waters are slow and frozen.
The fish are hunkered down.
I either need to hunker down
And tie like a mad hatter,
Mind poisoned from the cement,
Or pick a date
And escape
To a stream with enough
Kinetic energy to
Bare its ripples and expose her fish.

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