Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wildfire Poly Caddis and Modified CDC Emerger

Wildfire Poly Caddis:
-Size 14 hook
-Zeeba Dubbing (our cat)
-"Homespun" Yarn: color Wild Fire
-70 Denier Black Ultra Thread

Modified CDC Emerger:
-Size 16 emerger hook
-Tail: Mallrd Flank Feather
-Red ultra wire (didn't have white)
-Some leftover black thread
-Zeeba Dubbing
-Wings: I don't know what the feather I used is called
-Head was finished off with a little more dubbing and then tied off

* I'm calling it modified because I didn't have the proper colors or wing materials. It called for CDC Puff feathers.

** Woo Hoo!

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