Monday, September 5, 2011

Maine: day 3

Waking up in Belfast was very nice. We had a cooling storm pass through the area that moved on by the time we left our room. A footbridge dedicated to the men of Belfast who faught in WWI crosses the harbor. It was a nice way to start the day. Next we drove south to Camden. We passed through the day before and it looks pretty happening. It was for sure. Very cute. We were hungry right away, and since we don't do well unless we are fed, that was the first goal. Unfortunately, when we get hungry, we get indecisive. This leaves us cranky with an otherwise easy decision. Luckily we stumbled upon a great find. The Old World Potato Company. Sara had a sweet potato seafood chowdah (insert eastern accent) and I had a vegetable chili with half sandwich. Peanut butter, banana, honey and (the kicker) bacon. Awesome. After that we explored the town on foot. Eventually we drove to Rockport to... Well... Do nothing really. Just walk around. It was great. We starting getting pretty exhausted. Day 3 must be the sleepy day of tourism because on our drive we found a small park by the water and fell asleep on the ground for an hour or so. I know, life is so hard. 

After a quick dinner, we decided to call it a night early. We are going to Bar Harbour tomorrow. Acadia, here we come. 

No smoking allowed. Very Punny :)
Enjoying an apple in Belfast.
Awesome. Bacon and Bananas.
Save the whales. Recycle the ropes!
Pretty cool.
Where we took a nap. 


  1. I'm diggin' the doormat. Are you bringing back souvenirs for all of your blogger buddies? If so, I would like one for the front door and one for the back too.
    Seriously though, do they have a website or just that phone number?

  2. I looked and didn't see a website. I've seen discussions of their products on other sites but no links. Looks like calling is the best bet. There felt like they would be about as durable as a pickup truck and knowing what that rope made for, I wouldn't expect anything less.